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Norenshare Inc.'s vision

Norenshare's mission is to reinvent traditional dishes from various countries with state-of-the-art technology, transforming them into modern menus. The company focuses on developing frozen menus that offer health, beauty, and aesthetics, incorporating optimal defrosting technology. By valuing traditional food cultures while injecting new life with innovative solutions, Norenshare is committed to enriching lives. Our vision is centered on delivering culinary delights that cater to health and beauty, bringing the unique flavors of diverse cultures right to the contemporary dining experience. Norenshare is dedicated to enhancing the dining table of today with the finest selections, optimized for modern lifestyles.

The "Toro" of Akatora Sushi is exclusively from the parts known as "Otoro" and "Chutoro" of the bluefin tuna, which are hailed as the black diamonds of the sea. This tuna comes from the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, where the clarity of the water and the cool temperatures provide the most ideal conditions for farming. Furthermore, we use tuna that is caught during the period of the year when the fat content is highest, instantly frozen on the boat under my guidance. This results in a high-quality Toro with a fine texture and firm flesh.

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